Thank you for looking at me, David Starling, the Dave Ramsey’s ELP for Utah County in tax and accounting to assist you. Dave Ramsey holds me to a very high standard of service and wants to make sure that I take care of all clients.

As an Enrolled Agent, the IRS has granted me unrestricted representation for all my clients on all tax matters. This means I help my clients through IRS tax audits. During 2016, I reduced tax liability for my clients by over $500,000, in 2017 by over $325,000, and 2018 by over $285,000.

Tax preparation by me is done in an optimal way; I want my clients getting the largest refund or pay the least tax as legally allowed over their lifetime. I focus on individual returns, small business returns, and rental real estate returns.

I work with my wife who is Farmers Insurance Agent. She and all the employees speak Spanish. I’m studying Spanish daily and am happy to provide services to the Hispanic community in Utah County.